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Benefits of Using a Professional Basement Remodeling Company

There are a lot of reasons to hire basement remodeling contractors to upgrade your basement. It can increase the amount of living space in your home, improve your home’s value, and reinforce waterproofing. We will touch on all the possibilities, but are here are some other benefits you may not have considered when hiring professionals.

Basement remodeling contractors maximize your home’s energy efficiency by improving its insulation. They can also seal any existing cracks to ensure indoor air stays where it should. This robust sealant minimizes seepage, so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard.

A basement remodel is not an everyday DIY project. Contractors ensure your project goes as swiftly and safely as possible. They know the zoning laws and permits, which ensures your basement remains compliant, even after the final inspection.


Add an Office, In-Law Suite, Laundry Room, or More Family Gathering Space

Your basement doesn’t have to be just storage space for extra tools and household items. Remodeling your basement is an opportunity to flex your creativity. Perhaps you have a growing family and want to add an office or gathering space. Maybe you’re about to become an empty nester and want to invest in a new entertainment area or man cave. You could even transform your basement into an indoor Jacuzzi space.

Basement contractors can bring those ideas to life. Hiring a basement remodeling company to add any of these structures increases livability with minimal effort and cost. The most expensive part of remodeling is building or adding new materials to the home. Because the basement already has the walls, ceiling, and floor in place, the entire remodeling process becomes more cost-effective.


Waterproofing Your Basement Renovation

States near the coasts have the highest rates for flood insurance, and Massachusetts is no exception. It trails only Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island in cost for premiums that are nearly double the national average. A basement renovation offers a savvy way to slash your private flood insurance expenses.

The renovation serves two functions: repair and replace. A basement remodeling company can fix any existing materials, like sealing wall cracks and window well leaks. It can also replace structures that are beyond repair. This can include adding mold-resistant panels on the walls, ceiling, floor, and trim.

Experienced basement remodeling contractors provide your basement with the durability and moisture-immunity it needs to weather any storm. You can also have peace of mind knowing there are floor systems and wall panels you can submerge for days without any structural damage. If you show these high-quality additions to your insurance provider, they’ll likely lower your flood insurance premiums.


Basement Remodeling Adds Value to Your Home

Are you tinkering with basement remodeling ideas as a way to boost your home value? According to the Balance, the average basement remodel has a 75% return on investment. That means if you put $5,000 toward upgrading your basement, you should expect a property value increase of $3,500.

Getting the most out of your remodeling project means maximizing the amount of livable space. Most basements don’t count toward a home’s square footage, so remodeling offers a way to appeal to potential buyers. Two of the most promising additions include adding a bedroom and a bathroom downstairs.

Basement remodeling contractors can help you make sure your project counts toward your home’s square footage. Most cities define a bedroom as having two forms of egress, which means there are multiple ways to leave the room. Some places also require a closet for the new space to count as a bedroom.


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