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Benefits of New Siding

Your home is where you spend most of your time, and it is a reflection of your family. New siding offers a cost-effective way to enhance your home and its curb appeal. According to, homeowners who invest in new siding recoup 84.3% of their money, making it one of the most financially attractive home improvements.

Siding contractors state that siding material is excellent for energy efficiency. The uniform slates improve a home’s insulation, so you don’t pay extra for heating and cooling. Plus, the improved insulation methods minimize drafts and seepage, so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard.

One important consideration for purchasing new siding is its low-maintenance design. After residential siding contractors near you install the material, you can all but forget about it. The installation process also gives contractors the chance to repair any potential structural damage to your home.


Fiber Cement Siding

People that want a long-lasting, consistent exterior for their home buy fiber cement siding. This material ranks as one of the most resilient and durable options for homeowners. Fiber cement comes with a natural resistance to everything from fungus to sunlight to insect damage. It even holds up against wildfires and severe weather.

Siding contractors can custom order fiber cement siding based on your specifications. You can get a natural texture that resembles wood shake panels or a stained finish for visual pop. This customizable siding lends itself well to different shapes, such as octagons, squares, scallops, half-rounds, lap siding, and vertical siding.

Installing fiber cement siding requires skillful hands and a knowledgeable team. The process requires specialized tools that you wouldn’t find lying around a standard garage. Utilizing professional siding contractors ensures your home gets the precision installation it needs to last for decades to come.


Vinyl Siding

If siding were a popularity contest, then vinyl is the king. This durable and beautiful material offers homeowners a plethora of ways to enhance their home on any budget. Vinyl comes in various trims, textures, shapes, and styles, including more than 300 colors.

Vinyl appeals to homeowners as a cost-effective option. A square foot costs $5 to $9, which is a fraction of more substantial options, such as brick or stone. Here’s what you can expect to pay for other siding materials per square foot:

  • Aluminum: $5 to $9
  • Steel: $5 to $9
  • Fiber cement: $5 to $9
  • Wood: $6 to $11
  • Fiberglass: $9 to $12
  • Stucco: $9 to $12
  • Brick: $13 to $20
  • Stone: $20 to $40

Residential siding contractors advertise vinyl for its low maintenance and easy installation. You can clean the exterior with no more than a garden hose and mild soap. It’s also mildew and mold-resistant, and you can recycle vinyl after it reaches the end of its functional life.


Cedar Shingle Siding

Cedar shingle siding, also known as shake siding, offers a one-of-a-kind texture and appearance. The natural beauty lends itself well to rural and urban environments alike. You’ll also have no problem finding a color that fits your home with everything from vintage taupe to vanilla bean white.

Siding contractors recommend shake for its longevity. If you properly maintain the shingles, expect the siding to last 15 to 40 years, which is on par with the industry averages. Vinyl lasts 20 to 40 years, while fiber cement remains functional for 25 to 40 years.

Cedar shake is the most popular shingle type, though you can also purchase a vinyl version. Cedar stands out for its aesthetic flair and outstanding insulation. If you’re not sure which siding style fits your home, residential siding contractors can walk you through each one’s pros and cons.


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