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In short…Because we have a reputation for quality work and being budget friendly.  Our customer service is second to none. Our team is always responsive, courteous, friendly, and respectful.

At Kaps Construction Company, we do it all! From conception to completion, we handle every aspect of your home addition project. This integrated approach reduces project time and money by streamlining each phase of implementation and eliminating the delays that often plague sub-contracted projects.

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Why Hire Professional Addition Builders?

It’s tempting to try to do a home addition yourself. However, unless you have the licenses and certifications, it’s a task best left to professional home addition contractors near you. The process requires a high level of balance when managing materials, logistics, deadlines, and subcontractors.

Hiring professional addition builders lets you turn your vision into reality. They handle all the heavy lifting that comes with significantly altering your home’s structure. Knowledgeable and skilled staff ensure smooth and safe construction, whether they’re knocking down walls or laying a new foundation.

Room addition services are a team effort, so hiring professional builders assures you the most pound-for-pound expertise. Firms have decades of collective experience handling similar projects to be able to hit the ground running with yours. This efficiency means your addition will stay on time and on budget.


Mudroom Services Start to Finish

Room additions aren’t a fly-by-night project. It helps to have professional planning and consideration from start to finish to keep construction on track and compliant with local laws. You’ll also appreciate the project’s efficiency, which will minimize disruptions and help you stay in your neighbor’s good graces.

Addition builders need to scout your property line before construction begins to determine what you can and cannot do. They can find out how feasible a project is and use the blueprints to start the permit process. They’ll also inform you about any environmental and zoning restrictions that may interfere with your plans.

House addition contractors near you will stick with you every step of the way. They keep you up to date with the project’s progress and seek your input when unforeseen circumstances present themselves. The attention to detail means a stress-free experience as well as a gorgeous and functional space that you’ll love.


Home Additions Add Value to Your House

A home addition is one of the surefire ways to add instant value to your home. Increasing the square footage creates additional usable space that can entice prospective buyers when you sell your home. Even if you don’t plan on selling any time soon, expanding your house can be a wise investment.

According to Home Advisor’s True Cost Guide, the average homeowner spends between $21,000 and $65,000 on additions. This comes with a 65% return on investment, which outperforms kitchen and deck expansions. By creating an addition, you get the mutual benefit of increased space and asking price.

If your primary goal is to increase your home’s value, you should emphasize the space’s functionality. That doesn’t mean adding rooms for the sake of adding. The project should increase the comfort and enjoyment people get from your home. The new area should also complement the existing aesthetics, without driving up maintenance costs or utility bills.


Add a Family Room, Garage, Office, or Master Suite

An additional room offers boundless potential for your home. When an addition builder permanently attaches a room to the side of your house, it provides a multi-use space. You can easily repurpose it as a dining room, office, master suite, guest bedroom, or bathroom.

If you’re interested in the great outdoors, you could consider putting a sunroom at the top of your addition list. This closed-off area gives you an ocean of sunshine, no matter the season. Sunrooms often have thermal-resistant glass and aluminum building materials for a sturdy, yet spacious environment. The design also means you don’t have to worry about additional heating or cooling costs.

Adding any single room structure includes a modest bump in the square footage of your home for a cost-effective price. The room typically comes with a new roofline that requires building permits and professional inspection. In the end, any addition to your home will add character, space, and value.


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